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Dr Biplab Pal

President & CTO of Machinesense, Baltimore

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They are founding members of the "Poccomu" consortium. Everyone who believes learning from failure is the way to learn in 21st century, and want to contribute to creation of new STEM problems.

Dr Biplab Pal

Dr Biplab Pal is current President and CTO of Machinesense ( in Baltimore. He is a technology entrepreneur & innovator in the area of Sensor Technology and holds more than 20 US patents. Microsoft recognized Machinesense as one of the top sensor start-up in 2018 via their scale-up program. Machinesense sensors are used all over the world in the area of electrical, civil and mechanical engineering. All of his innovations include application of basics Physics and Mathematics to practical engineering. Pal holds a BS&MS in Physics and PhD in Telecommunication Engineering-all from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Dr Pal is the principal investor and advisor to Poccomu project. While leading Machinesense as center of excellence in Sensor Technology, Pal has experienced acute shortage of basic Physics and Math skills among the new Engineers. If a processor heats up and fails to perform, most of the engineers lack the basics of heat transfer physics to solve it. With the explosion of IoT/AI/AR/VR or sensor driven world, future job skills would require a blend of IT, Statistics, Physics, Biology,Electronics etc. and students can no longer ignore the basics of Math and Physics which has been the case for a long time as IT jobs never required those basics. Dr Pal had been talking to his friends like Abhijit Kumar Roy in academics to address this issue. After a series of discussions with them, the idea of Poccomu was born which will tease the students to touch the very basics of Science and Mathematics. Dr Pal strongly believes a solid foundation of Mathematics and Physics is an absolute requirement for excellence in Engineering, Management & Medical science. It is not just for those who want to pursue Academics.