Advanced Problems
in High School Physics

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  • Poccomu Physics questions have focused on developing applications of basic theories of Physics. Many of the questions will contain results from original historical experiments so that students can learn how the original experiments have been conducted. Care has been taken to test the use of units, dimensions and basics use of conservation principle to solve real life problems. Most of the questions assume students have already learned basics of the calculus
  Suggested Books
Mechanics & General properties of Matter Problems and Solutions in Introductory Mechanics -David J Morin
Mechanics (Berkeley Physics Course, Vol. 1)
Heat & Thermodynamics Heat and Thermodynamics Subsequent Edition: by M. W. Zemansky , Richard H. Dittman
Thermodynamics Problem Solver by Research & Education Association
Optics Optics 5th Edition by Eugene Hecht
Optics by W.H.A. Fincham and M.H. Freeman
Electricity and Magnetism Electricity and Magnetism (Berkeley Physics Course, Vol. 2 by Edward M. Purcell
Modern Physics Modern Physics by Jeremy Bernstein and Paul M. Fishbane
Oscillation and Waves Mechanics, Waves and Thermodynamics: An Example-Based Approach by Sudhir Ranjan Jain