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Poccomu is a repository of elite standard questions for high school students in STEM.

30 minutes Test (10 MCQ) each week, answer available on upcoming Thursday.


"Poccomu" is a repository of uncommon questions. We release ten thought-provoking multiple-choice questions (“MCQ”) on a weekly basis in Computer Science, Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


The syllabus conforms to the high school AP level program, US, and similar advanced programs in different countries.


Students will be challenged by uncommon questions to think using fundamental concepts of STEM.

Why Poccomu?

Poccomu, in Latin, means uncommon.

In this world of automation, artificial intelligence (“AI”), and changing consumer preferences - the workplace is changing rapidly too.

Are we preparing our next generation to handle those uncommon situations? Will the new graduates be able to handle the uncertainty? Industry leaders are concerned because the present-education system is focused on standardized testing and rote learning.

That’s where POCCOMU comes in...


Poccomu's methodology of logic-based testing of STEM will help in keeping pace with the uncommon challenges at the workplace. The idea of Poccomu is to push students to discover the power of their logical thinking using the fundamental concepts they have learnt in STEM coursework when they encounter an uncommon problem.

Poccomu is designed to push students to think out of the box way to simplify and to solve critical and uncommon problems. Encouraging a young and motivated brain to think out of the box will not only help him/her to outperform in standardized tests but also enhance their mental ability to solve the most inscrutable problem in their professional life.


  • labelPoccomu questions are intended to test the basics and fundamentals of the subject.

  • labelThe syllabus includes High School AP curriculum in the USA.

  • labelJEE - Main & Advanced, and NEET level in India.

  • labelA level high school courses and Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) in the UK, and Africa.

  • labelAP level high school curriculum in Hong Kong.

  • labelAT level high school courses in Singapore.

  • labelCIP-High School programs in China.


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