Coding club is built to inspire the students to excel in software coding and algorithms.

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why us ?

  • Coding Club is inspired by the concept of the American Computer Science League (ACSL), CodeChef, and many similar kinds of Coding organizations that exist in Western Countries.

  • The Club will help the IT students in cracking coding problems during job assessments or job interviews.

  • Student Club Members will be receiving a set of challenging coding problems ( normally 10 of them) on Friday morning and then they will have 8 days to solve the problems.

  • They can take a maximum of 2 attempts.

  • Then on next Saturday an online class will be held to explain to them the methods of how to crack tough coding problems of the previous week.

Our Mentor

  • Joseph Wobus is a current software engineer in the United States. He graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2020( CS@UMCP is among top 20 Computer Science Department in International ranking ) , and has been working full time as a software engineer since then.

    He began coding since early high and school, and has since learned a multitude of languages such as Java, Python, C++, C, JavaScript, and more.

    During his last 2 years of college, he worked as a TA for one of the advanced CS courses and worked closely with professors in assigning homework, grading tests, and assisting other students debug code. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, playing PC games, and going out with friends.


This coding club offers a very high standard of coding challenge- to make you an alpha coder. We are already connected to 100+ software/ product companies/ University Professors who are looking for top talented interns. If you perform well in the club, you will be getting a highly rewarding Internship.

This Club is for those who love coding and aspire to be a Black Belt Coder. The Club will award you with purple belt, brown belt and black belt as you will progress in coding efficiency.

You will receive a coding challenge of 10 questions every Friday night login and you will see the Coding Challenge of the week. You will have the next seven days to take the test. You will get two chances to take the test. If you can finish the test within 30 minutes you will get 2 bonus points.

You will get the answers with explanations after 7 days. On Saturday evening there will be a Zoom online class to explain those questions. You can clear your doubts with the teacher online.

You will get a digital certificate of your standard based on performance in terms of purple belt, brown belt and black belt.

The Topper of each week will win an Amazon Prime movie of his/her choice.