Advanced Problems
in High School Biology

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  • Poccomu Biology questions have been created to instill curiosity in the mind of students who are in the high school AP program, US, and similar advanced programs in different countries. Questions have been curated by scientists with post-doctoral experience to bring the cutting-edge research distilled for the understanding of next-generation would Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, and intra-disciplinary thought leaders of tomorrow.
  Suggested Books
Cell & Molecular Biology Karp's Cell and Molecular Biology, Gerald Karp, Janet Iwasa, Wallace Marshall
Zoology The Life Of Vertebrates, JZ Young
Invertebrate Zoology, Robert D. Barnes
A text-book of Zoology, T Jeffery Parker, and William A Haswell
Genetics Lewin’s Genes XII, Jocelyn E. Krebs, Elliot S. Goldstein, Stephen T. Kilpatrick
Plant Biology Plant Biology, Alison M. Smith, George Coupland, et al.