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Developing and Testing Fundamentals of High School STEM

*STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Poccomu Fundamentals
  • Truly understand concepts (All levels).
  • Be prepared for Poccomu Advanced.
  • Test it.

Poccomu Advanced
  • Be master problem solver.


Poccomu is a repository of elite as well as fundamental questions for high school students in STEM.

30 minutes Test (10 MCQs) for each subject each week answer available Immediately..

You will need to have internship from 1st Year of College Only site that will recognize Poccomu score for internship link to crackingitjobs

Poccomu Fundamentals

  1. Target: JEE Main and similar exams.
  2. Objective: Making solid foundation for JEE Advanced.
  3. Speciality: Poccomu Advanced problems needs mastery. Poccomu Fundamentals will guide you in that direction. It will also prepare you for JEE Main and Board exams.
  4. Offerings:
    • Weekly Chapter quiz, module quiz, Full tests
    • Lucid and interesting explanations of important concepts
    • Practice questions
    • Concept tests
    • Doubt clearing for Advanced problems

Poccomu Advanced

  1. Target: JEE Advanced level exams.
  2. Objective: Make students ready for JEE Advanced.
  3. Speciality:
    • Thought provoking problems
    • Particularly created keeping in mind JEE Advanced level exams
    • Problems are created by IIT Alumnus
  4. Offerings:
    • Weekly chapter tests, module tests, and full tests
    • Connected with Poccomu Fundamentals for concepts and more


Poccomu International

  • The syllabus conforms to the high school AP level program, US, and similar advanced programs in different countries.

Your first INTERNSHIP is now more
important than many exams

As AICTE has mandated, every engineering and science student has to do an internship from 1st year summer. Where you will do internships ( 3 in 4 years ) in college will now carry more weight than the brand of your college and your performance in BTech.

This is where we can help you.

Poccomu runs another site called which is linked with 1000s of top companies and innovative start-ups in the USA and India. The site has been designed to connect fresh college graduates with top innovative companies in the world so that they can do a top level internship.

If you take our test on a regular basis and do well, we will contact you because then we need your permission to place (through your CV/Test scores to thousands of top companies that are looking for talent. Global talent gut is a reality and most of the companies are interested in getting the talents as early as possible. So these tests not only will help you to do well in IIT JEE, additionally, you will have an opportunity to do an internship in top places which would matter more than anything.

Why Poccomu?

  •  Poccomu, in Latin, means uncommon.

  •  In this world of automation, artificial intelligence (“AI”), and changing consumer preferences - the workplace is changing rapidly too.

  •  Are we preparing our next generation to handle those uncommon situations? Will the new graduates be able to handle the uncertainty? Industry leaders are concerned because the present-education system is focused on standardized testing and rote learning.

  •  That’s where POCCOMU comes in...

  •  Poccomu's methodology of logic-based testing of STEM will help in keeping pace with the uncommon challenges at the workplace. The idea of Poccomu is to push students to discover the power of their logical thinking using the fundamental concepts they have learnt in STEM coursework when they encounter an uncommon problem.

  •  Poccomu is designed to push students to think out of the box way to simplify and to solve critical and uncommon problems. Encouraging a young and motivated brain to think out of the box will not only help him/her to outperform in standardized tests but also enhance their mental ability to solve the most inscrutable problem in their professional life.

Device Compatibility

Poccomu is available on all platforms. iOS and Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, All browsers.

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